Some days you just …. it’s about the group

Yeah….I run, a bunch of various run clubs…sometimes really quick, sometimes, it’s all about the group.

Who’s in it, how everyone’s feeling, what the end goal is, and where we’re at.

Tonight, we ran, a small group, one recovering from an injury…so a short 4K, easy….broken up with some walks and a good run along the way…..

Does it hurt to do that….nah. It’s a run, there’s fitness, there’s endurance, it all adds up

This is pretty much my story for this week…a lot of days at the RRoom store selling shoes, really not a lot of time to do much else, or the energy….

Today was supposed to be a trail race, but after a long Friday at the office, a short run club run yesterday evening pretty much did me in…the problem with me working full days, or even a lot of days, I don’t do myself any favors….I don’t eat, and even though my coffee’s always black, that doesn’t help me out at the end of the day either…so a short run yesterday….today in the heat I’ll chill, rest and recover, plan Sunday, plan next week….I’ll still be working a lot……and watch some women’s soccer apparently

I always look at runs and swim and bike rides, no matter the distance as beneficial….just being active, strength training, yoga, stretching, it’s all good… all feels good….I do this stuff because it’s fun, it’s like playing pick up hockey as a kid, or doing anything as a kid really. This isn’t work, it’s fun…

I’m actually loving doing this Run Club thing…yes, it’s my way to give back, to give everyone a platform, and place to do this with others…..4 Run Clubs a week is a little hard, just mapping out routes, planning….but I love doing it. Not every run has to be super hard or hard at all, it’s all about being fun, enjoyable, social, getting fit, almost accidentally…

Tomorrow’s supposed to be a 14K …may become close to that, maybe 12…but fun….

All good, and I’m look forward to that 10K road race next Sunday……and a week of riding, and running, and being the running social guy that I like to be…and who knows, maybe time for a few selfies

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