Getting ready for a 10K

I just realized this; I’ve never run a 10K race?

Full, halfs, 15K, 8K, 5K whatever, but a straight up 10K….nah…so that’ll be tomorrow’s goal.

I’ve a hotel room booked in downtown Edmonton, I’ll be heading to the Courtyard by Marriott this afternoon..will make use of room service, eat, sleep, and wake up tomorrow morning to hopefully finish in about 1 hour more or less.

I get asked a lot why I do that, why stay in a hotel room in Edmonton next to the start line when I only live about 30 minutes away?

Duh?……No stress….I hate traveling to starting lines….I sometimes have to, but if I can wake up, make use of the washroom in my hotel room, walk across a parking lot to the starting line……I don’t have to look for a parking spot, no need to wake up at stupid o’clock on race morning to drive forever, stress about that…I know I’ll have a good sleep, I can even sleep in a bit (the race doesn’t start until 10:30)…no need to pack a key, paying for parking, looking for a parking spot…just wake up, go run, grab my gear and check out… stress, no additional stress.

Now to see what I can do…… training’s been okay, kind of relaxed…I’m really aiming at a half marathon in Victoria in October, so my distances match up pretty well with this 10K….and yeah, it’ll be good…..I’m going to make us of a Running Room’s pace bunny…not sure I need that, but it’ll be fun running with a relaxed group….

it’s supposed to be hot, but we’ve been running in the heat, so I should be aclimatized, and it’s an hour+ run…….

Monkey Brain?

I hate this, and I’m not sure if this causes more stress than I need, but I’m very unfocused most of the time…I get distracted very easily….right now, I’m watching a documentry on seniors keeping fit, blogging, surfing Facebook and posting, planning my week, packing, doing laundry, and trying to figure out the rest of the week to come…………oh yeah, and planning another run club, run club runs and routes, a group bike ride and, my work schedule availability, and our family finances…….all at the same time yes, WTF!?

Oh yeah, and booking an Air B&B for Victoria….do I need to do all of that right now?…nope, it’s just how my head works….multitasking is me…..I have no idea how to change all of that, living in the moment, but, am I too old to change?………

So yep, 10K tomorrow…….no stress yet, I’m distracting myself a bit/a lot…..which how I run…..the run is almost not my focus, I talk, think, and plan….while I run…….I remember reading something years ago about doing that, and have been ever since…..and it’s worked..

anyway, packed up and am ready to go…10K here I come


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