A good day to wake up and run 10K

The Edmonton Army 10K

Boy did I ever need that!……..

I wasn’t so sure I was even going to show up this morning, but that staying in a hotel across a parking lot from the starting line worked….woke up at 9, walked out the front door at 10:15, run at 10:30, 1:07:29 I was done….

And it felt great…..I stuck with the 1:10 Pace Bunny for most of the morning; I went ahead for a bit……

The start was perfect…saw a few friends at the starting pit, and began with that pace bunny….a good strategy; keeping that steady pace for the first 20 minutes or so….and then I start bouncing ahead a bit.

and that felt okay….I’ve got this on going phlegm thing happening…seem to be dairy issue, and well, had a burger with cheese the evening before this, so yep, had to stop and launch some snot rockets a few times…..and yes, there was the quickest pee break ever….

But, the big thing, I’m happy I ran……it felt so right, and so good, and i did feel strong, and I finished strong…so yeah, a good day to wake up and run.

I did have a bit of a scare after the finish…I stood up to talk to a friend, but had to sit back down just as quickly, I was about to faint…I don’t know where that’s coming from, and it seems to be happening a bit too often…..Is it the heat? Allergies?

I guess I’d better get all of that checked out…..or maybe it’ll just go away on it’s own?

I didn’t really feel 63.7 today..I felt okay….I was bouncing along pretty good…..my Brooks top, the Brooks Adrenaline 22 GTS shoes, and the Vuori shorts….and I think Stance socks (I can’t see them)……but that all worked….

oh yeah, the Brooks cap and the old reliable Oakley sunglasses …..

I’m feeling good about the half marathon in Victoria now…..I’ve a few longer runs planned, 16K next Sunday…….if I can do 16K, I’m pretty sure I can go for 21K…and come on, it’s Victoria, it’s at sea level, which is always an advantage….and then, let’s get back on that marathon train in Vancouver in 2023…

I’m not sure what year this was taken in Victoria, but, well, except for a lot of grey, I don’t look that different?

and I think I’m wearing Saucony Grid Stabiles……..classics that they don’t make anymore….

I have to say, am looking forward to the Victoria Half Marathon on October 9, 49 days away, 7 weeks, just 7 weeks, time for the rubber to hit the road…..

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