That’s my daughter, my youngest daughter Sasha Helen.

It’s an older picture…but yep, that’s her.

Sasha’s autsitic…..

Sasha’s actually 31, and it seems the older she gets, the harder she finds life.

She used to be an active kid, when she was in schools…walks, bike rides, swimming…….active.

She knows every Disney charachter, every movie inside and out….

She now spends a lot of time in her room…….bored.

She screams and yells a lot, isn’t very social……though I believe she could be..

She used to like riding the bus with her various aids..COVID changed that, now she struggles just day to day.

Her diet is an issue, very limited, which I think has a lot to do with her…..she’s on a variety of meds…..and I think those may be an issue..what they’re designed to do, I think is no longer doing that….

As well as this fitness and running thing……another challenge….

At one time we could leave her home alone with her older brother (he’s also autistic, high functioning though) not any more. There’s just some issues that I don’t like that challenge…she will answer doors and phones, she understands and a lot of things, but, not some, and so, leaving her on her own or even with her big brother just doesn’t seem safe.

I know it’s just life.

Others, everyone has issues…for us, it’s not an issue, it’s just what is


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