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I got to run…….


The SVAC Run Club ran………and that felt so good….and for me this worked!

Forever, my speed has been stagnant. I was always slow, and slower, slowly getting slower….but run club changed that.

I sometimes have a hard time keeping up to this group that I lead, but because I have to, I’ve become quicker, stronger and am almost able to keep up on tempo run night.

I love these group runs….we did a little exploring, found or maybe built or help create a few new trails…..crossed over a set of railway tracks, and yeah, ran quick, and maybe pushed me a bit, but I kept up, and it all felt good….to go faster.

Tomorrow another Run, another club, another chance to train…and have fun doing it…

I think that’s my way, beng social, and just running, just to run, with whomever, whenever…

I’ve got a good thing going… least 3 run club runs every week… no matter what, I have to run 3 days a week, with people…some quicker, some slower, and some my speed……and all of it, is, well, fun…fun running, and the result was a fun 10K race on Sunday, it’s all added up to a better me, a stronger me……lots of stuff, different stuff, it all adds up, just being active….some edurance, some strength, some both, but all just fun…

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