Another Group – Another Run Club Run

Another Run Club Wednesday.

Tonight was good, great even…..some good friends, a couple of new to us running friends, and an interesting and maybe challenging 6K run.

A social run with a great group, this just keeps getting better and better…..every run, every day at our Running Room store, every bike ride, every swim….it’s just play time for Warren……and which ever day, evening or morning, with which ever group……

It was interesting, a few really quick runners, and slower…….someone new that’s training for her first half marathon…..perfect…that what this is all about…….getting people out and active

The chat after the run is the impotant thing.

Everyone gett to know each other, we start talking, and before you know it, we’re planning to get into cross country skiing this winter, having a group ride on our bikes Saturday morning, and a 16K run for Sunday……social and fun. Enjoyable….

it just keeps getting better and better

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