A Perfect Day….

I am beat……..it’s been a pretty full day. And all good.

Began with a visit to my fave gym, the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club, my newest favorite place to be….

Where everyone knows your name.….It’s like no gym I’ve ever been in; friendly, relaxed, everyone is social, and while we’re all there for more or less the same thing, seems to not be the usual gym feel.

The workout was good….the usual working on all the body parts and focusing on exercises that make use of the bigger muscles, multi used muscles..benches, leg presses, pulls and pushes….

My morning before was a bit of a mess, because I had trouble what I wanted to do on a unexpected day off, after a day – Thursday – of doing nothing, recovering I guess////

Packing up my gear I had to decide, what happens after strength training? –

I had thought of heading into the Edmonton River Valley for a run, and possibly a swim after…….just for fun……..but, how much time did I have? And did I really want to do all that driving……?

So I settled on a run after the strength workout…….normally I’d do that the other way around, using the run as a warm up….but today, doing things the other way around seemed okay….yes, and worked well..

I like being in the gym when it’s quieter, and getting there in time for the senior’s power hour just always seems to work well. So a good hour of pumping iron, and then a fun run

And what a great morning to get outside…yes, a little, um, HOT!…….but a great run…I wore my newest shoes, the Brooks Glycerins that I unfortunatly forgot at the gym afterwords – hopefully they’re still there tomorrow…

It was just under 7K, a 6:57 pace, so not too quick, but with that heat, and the kind of adventure run that it was, was okay…….it felt good. I really didn’t have a route in mind when I began, and I just made it all up as I went along…just the way I like it/

The best part of the morning….the smoothy afterwards….called the Hulk……lots of good good stuff in it, I guess that made it green, bust so good, some protein in it, lots of veggies and fruit…so good for me too.

And the day just carried on…..in the back of my head I knew I still wanted to do something else, I haven’t been on my bike for a few days…..so why not get the good old Marin out for a spin…

nothing hard or far…but to just get outside, get some fresh air, stop by the RRoom store……..and maybe a whole 10K, a few good hills, so all good…….and felt and feels so good….

I am tired, dead tired…..that’s got to be the best feeling ever, I feel good, tired, and oh so hungry…..

This is the type of day that is the reason why I do what I do…just being active….I finished the day with a little bit of badminton with my autistic daughter…..and because her aim isn’t always great, so I end up running around a lot….and perfect way to finish what I’ll say was a perfect day…I had fun, got some sunshine, some exercise, worked on my endurance, some strength, strength endurance, cardio endurance…not much in the way of flexibility…..but yeah, a good day.

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