Leading the group ride..cross training

This is what I do…I initiate?….After Wednesday’s run in the sun

we started talking about bike riding; the enxt I knew I was planning a bike ride for some of us, well, this morning…mapping out a route, figuring who in the group was capable of what, that comfort zone, and riding….always looking over my shoulder to make sure all we’re still there, and figuring out the route as we went along.

sorry..no pix from today’s ride….there was some rain, and I hate taking photos with this IPhone. i like having the phone with me just in case…but I like the good old hand held camera that I can take a pix with one hand quickly…..wish the apple was like that..too many steps everytime you need to catch something quickly, and not really hand held friendly…I’m terrified of dropping the thing.

The ride was a pretty simple 31K….and the rain stayed away for most of it…we all got soaked at the end, and the one person in the group said she enjoyed the ride….I was worried about her on the huge downhill, and then the few up hills, but she was fine….

I promised them a 16K run tomorrow…hope they all understand the long effortless distance thing, otherwise I may be dead……

So, today’s to do list, map out 16K……should be fun, and hopefully we have a large group tomorrow.

It’s interesting that people look to me to do this…seriously, where would they run if I wasn’t drawing this stuff all out?………it’s always, ‘Warren, where do we turn, where are we, where are we going, warren I thought you said it was 10K?’….but I guess it’s what I do….

I have to admit that I’m tired…really bone weary tired today, it’s been a busy few weeks…….I’ve been sleeping well, no headaches, so the concussion maybe history?….and I don’t think I’ve over trained…..I’ve taken a step away from my Foundations in Fitness training with Alberta Fitness…….may start up and get my act together in September (which is like a week away) and put in a serious daily effort…there’s so much to learn, I’m just not sure which is relevant to where I am and want to be…I just want to put that certified word after my name…..but well, an effort is an effort, I’ve learned so much so far (I now know what all those joints, muscle groups and ligaments are supposed to do….)…..

I’ve actually had a few frustraiting weeks/months…getting the run groups built up, figuring how to get people into them, and letting others know we have them……and to figure out how to attract people….I have had moments of maybe giving up…depression is me……but, well, a man must carry on, and quiting, giving up isn’t me, way too often I just load myself up with even more to keep me invested and active…..

and it all gets me out of the house………..wonder if that’s the point?

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