life is stressful. running shouldn’t be

Currently I’m on hold. Have been for two hours, trying to resolve an issue with a charge on a credit card.

I had planned on a 16K training run with morning, and well, that ain’t happening, this is a part of life that has to be dealt with, and can’t wait.

Yes frustraiting. This is the only time this morning I have for this training run….what to do?

Stress, this causes stress, but, what can you do? Nothing…..breath deeply, really it’s life. Can I take care of this run later today – probably not – later this week..sure. It’s not the end of the world.

Instructing clinics I hear this a lot….I don’t have time, my life is so busy, work and life keeps getting in the way?

I have the same complaint…work, family, and waiting on hold. Yard work, I need to stain a fence and clear off a garden…

I also need to run, bike and swim…when? and grrrr, I’m still on hold.

A training plan is a long term thing…one hiccup, one day, one run won’t derails that.

Also, decided what’s important….that child’s school concert?….that day at work, that family dinner, vs that run?…..and easy equation isn’t it.

A week is a huge thing too right?…If jotted down on that calendar everthing that had to be in there, as well as, well, sleep…are their times, spots when there’s nothing?….Bingo huh?

The cool thing about running, you can do it anywhere, anytime….swimming, maybe not, but, biking sure?

I do that pretty much every week, list what I can’t change, commitments that have been made….and then look at my training plan…..and then decide if maybe I’ve aimed at something that just isn’t possible with my life…so, if I can only run a half marathon instead of a full, would that be the end of the world?….If I can only do a sprint triathlon instead of an Ironman, well, that’s just the hand I’ve been dealt.

Today for instance, a 16K run and a visit to the gym for some strength training has taken a hit…, time to look at the rest of the week, and see if I can change it up to take care of this missed run…….it’s not the end of the world, that race will still happen, and hopefully I’m not on hold forever…

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