a Rest day…..and a head ache

So today…after the 2 runs yesterday…that was a mistake…..I’m feeling it, and felt is all day today…..

To help I guess with the recovery and rest I biked to the store and home after, the mtn bike because that always seems a little relaxed…8K one way, and then just under 3K home just to keep the legs moving..and yes, well, I like exploring and killing time on the way, and then I’ve gotta get right home after…

Tomorrow will be a strength and run day…strength before work, run after a long shift…..but, well I am so tired…and it wasn’t just the two runs yesterday, or the strength workout in the morning, add the evening run Tuesday, a couple of hard days….

The trick to recovery I find is eating and drinking, getting that nutrition in, real food..and with a 16K run planned on a very hot Sunday coming up, R and R is definitly a priority ….

And sleep….I didn’t sleep a lot last night, over trained maybe?…..

The best part of the day…the ride for sure….had fun with a couple of customers…..we’ve new footwear, so an educational day…..

and I love using the bike, just easy, fun, quick and even more fresh air…..looking forward to the weekend…

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