I Ran today. Having the time of my life

A good morning…I did have a hard time waking up…the heat and the smog from all the forest fires in this region of the planet make things challenging, but was so glade I took the lead and ran with our group….our SVAC Sunday morning run cub

It took some urging to get the group going, but with the goal of 16K we had too eventually…..and hey, a fun 15.09K later, all good.

It wasn’t a bad pace – honestly I did have a route in mind, but, well, I always do, sometimes 2 or three, today was a variation, I did change things up a bit as we went along, and introduced the group to a few new to them paths and trails, because it’s what I do……and they seems to enjoy the odd off road adventure….

We were only 6 (I always hope for 25) but a good group……with one just recovering from his first marathon, and one geting ready for her first half….and me, well, a half marathon in Victoria in October…….so perfect.

My Gear?….well a top from On, shorts from Brooks, Running Room socks, a Brooks cap, and my shoes, my new Brooks Glycerin GTS20s

……..I love the shoes..I still feel a bit of the need for support, but the guide rails work, I love the cushioning, a nice bit of bounce….not too light or heavy..just perfect….

we did tackle a few hills today, not a concern…my legs felt a little shaky, and now a litte sore, but overall a good, good feeling….

We all split up at various points, some 10K, some 16, I managed 15K, which is 5K further than I’ve gone this year…..my legs were screaming at me at one point, but the fun out weighed that……hopefuly all my runs this fall are like today…..we can’t control the weather, the smog, the ash, but, yep, keep it fun.

I know some people fuss over their gear, not me….yeah, shoes are important, but the rest, as long as it breathes, and hey, Body Glide…..I’m good…..I’ve got to figure out my hydration….my belt was okay today, I don’t always carry or drink a lot, but with the heat, I guess I should have the pack with me, just in case…

This was a good week, 3 pretty good runs, and then today…..a few hours on the bike….and still looking towards tomorrow….

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