watching the river run

A good morning, a good day, a good ride

not that far a ride on the good old Felt…

A good group of friends, and me….there was a lot of turn here, and turn where?

We only covered about 25K, a few hills, a couple of really long hills….and lots of fresh air….

It was fun, but wow, it felt so good.

It’s a good thing to get out of that conform zone, and do something, anything……getting out, burning off that lactic acid, introducing others to the Edmonton River Valley…..watching the river flow.

Maybe that’s what I do best…..introducing others to what I’ve grown to love…..I was thinking about that today during the ride….just how much time have I spent following these trails…the road and paths along the North Saskatchewan River…’s been my life, I should do that a lot more of it….

It’s a bit of a drive from my home, but, always, since I was young, a teenager, hiked, walked, biked, skied….all of it.

Another good day, among a lot of good days….tomorrow, more of the same


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