one 18K run, and the rest of the day is great..always

I was dead tired this morning, I didn’t really have to run, but, well 18K later, all good.

I found some pretty amazing trails, at least one mtn bike hill that must have felt a lot more fun going down than it did going down..I nw know that my Brooks Glycerin shoes have pretty good traction….there was at least one point where I was sure I was going to fall or at least slide back down……but I didn’t.

I had no idea how far I was going to go when I drove to my starting point at the Kinsmen Sport Centre this morning, I thought maybe 10K, possibly 16……but at one point, I thought, why not at least 17?

It seriously didn’t feel that long….most of it was on unpaved trails, some were kind of not for us runners, but mountain bike trailed worked well, some pretty interesting climbs up and down…….

and then, well, at one point I had no idea where I was, but, I found a route home, and voila, 18K

I didn’t feel that bad….a few 10 and 1s, a few porta potty breaks, I picked up the pace near the end, a little down hill at the end, and then finished off with a 1,000 meter swim…felt so good.

And, thus, the rest of the day rocked.

made dinner, watched some tv, listened to a lot of music, played the guitar…..all good……

And yeah, I am sore, I know that lactic acid will feel oh so great tomorrow morning, but yeah 18K, 3 short of half marathon distance, but 18K is do-able, and enoyable even

So Victoria will happen in just over a month, and well, another week, another 3 run club runs, 2 virtual clinics and another week of selling a lot of shoes……can hardy wait.


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