I ran today. surviving without a phone?

yep, we ran tonight…..a good run….I was sore, still am, but had to burn off that lactic acid, and needed that group run, running with other people, that connection…and oh yeah, it’s my Run Club so I have to be there…

I’m still sore after that 18K training run yesterday, but, I’ve been eating and drinking lots, stretching and a little self massage……so that should all help, and well, that run felt so good and fun.

This why I do this..speed the day selling shoes, connecting with others, selling shoes, solving problems, listening to others, trying to match others with the right product…..sharing, talking about training, just being social……..standing, walking, organizing..all good……

and then, tonight for a run with friends….new and old…this is my life now, and it is all good…..

actually this is almost perfect…….life is pretty good, I just have to stay active, be a do-er not a watcher…..stay connected, and just do something….

This is honest stuff, I do what I do, because I like doing it….running, getting outside, even just sitting outside…..this has been that year, almost perfect…..active always, 3 or 4 run club runs every week, somewhere to be, something to do, and always just moving.

Tomorrow, another run, to add on to the 18 Monday, just over 5K today, tomorrow will be probably another 6K….all good, it all adds up, and I’m ready for a half marathon….and yeah, the next virtual clinic begins Saturday….looks like it’s going to a huge group wanting to learn to run properly….so, I’d better get prepared.

and yeah, I forgot my Iphone at my place of work, or place of worship?……so no phone for 12 hours?…how will I live?

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