25 Days to the Victoria Marathon

Yeah, so this is getting close….another trip to Victoria, and another half marathon….

I have to admit, as haphazard as my training has been (is that actually a word?) I feel positive….

The result of having a run crew, three run club runs a week, sometimes 4 of them….and yeah, that 18K training run Monday has had a pretty positive effect as well…..I can do this!

I have to admit that the hanging smell of forest fire smoke has affected me…I keep think I’m catching a cold, but it’s just that sorensss and roughness on the back of my throat….with any luck colder weather and possibly winter will take of that…

Last night’s run was a blast, and I need to do more and more of that…yes, getting the miles and the training in, but keep it fun and random. Just pick a route, and if a pivot will make it more fun, random is still good as long as the training benefit is there…yesterday was across a farmer’s field and then up a pretty significant hill, a bit of asphalt and then more off road and a natural surface, which is even better…..anything that’s not concrete or asphalt….

There’s a fun run tonight, and I’m struggling with picking a route..do I keep it simple, and the same old same old…or do I mix it up…stay tuned


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