Learn to Run….yep, a new clinic!

so yeah, why not share here…..kind of what I wanted this Blog to be at some point so…

I’m not training or running today..it’ll be a rest and recovery day…I’ll get back to that running thing tomorrow…

And yes..I’m at it again…a Learn to Run virtual clinic began this morning…a Half Marathon Clinic beginning in October…..so I’m going to share, a little anyway…..it’s what I do here…

The Learn to Run Clinic begins.

I’m an instructor….thee instructor

I’ve been at this for a long time. It all began with walking into the Callingwood Running Room in 1996 to sign up for a Learn To Run Clinic…….and than what I thought would just be 10 weeks of my life never stopped. Now 10 marathons later- in Kelowna, Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton and New York City, a ton of other distances, more than a few triathlons – including a couple shots at the Canadian Ironman Triathlon in Penticton mixed in, I’m still at it. 15 years ago I took on the task of instructing clinics. It felt like it was time to give back, with just one goal: to introduce many to this world, and to the joy running brings. Also to help participants live out their dreams….maybe accomplishing that part of their bucket list, or just making this a part of their lifestyle. Success, and the biggest rush is seeing those that have taken clinics or maybe just joined us for a run club run, out and continuing to run… This has become a huge part of my life, and no matter how many times I’ve stumbled and have taken the odd break …like that first love, I’ve always returned.

think about life, your life.. look at your weekly schedule, what’s there, and pick the spaces where you can get those 3 days a week set, and make those training days as important as anything else….your time. Make sure everyone knows that, that no matter what, those are your me time, your day……your training time.

Make this like those things you do every day, and as important…like brushing your teeth, sticking to an important appointment, or going to work. This is seriously all about you ! make an appointment with yourself…some days will be about that run….others will be an attention to something involved with this goal, your goal.

I’m a huge fan of having that partner or partners to train with – your crew – ….that gives an incentive to stick to that program and be consistent!…Get or find a group, a crew…..I know not everyone has that in person training partner….can you do this with someone remotely?…….

Most of areas where there is a Running Room, most now have a Wednesday evening Run Club, and even those that don’t, the staff there will know of someone or of a group in your area….there are other options, check out Park Run….they’re all over the planet and have a Saturday group run home | parkrun Canada | parkrun Canada…….there’s November Project for you early risers (3) November Project Canada | Facebook……and I know there are other groups everywhere….Vancouver for instance has an amazing group just called the Vancouver Social Run Club Home | Van Run Club (socialrunclub.com)

breathing – it’s just breathing…don’t over think it, but listen to it…if you’re huffing and puffing, back off, most of this clinic you should be doing this effortlessly…yes, I know some have speed goals, we’ll get to that soon – listen to your breath now, how’s that feel and sound, when you run, how does that feel..and when you speed up, listen again…we’ll talk about how that relates to heart rate and effort…..but yeah, also understand, while there are a few basics when it comes to running, there’s a lot of leeway in how you get it done…..but even if you run like Phoebe, there’s nothing wrong with that…seriously you can’t run wrong, we’re built to run!

This weekend…….either today or Sunday, if you can and it works for you, go for a training run…..for most of you, if this is your first shot, break that run up into 2 and 1s…..walk 2 minutes and run 1 minute, go for six sets…..3 one way, 3 back….learn how that feels…and a piece of advice, find ways to enjoy that run….running should be fun or at least enjoyable….find something to get that, running with others, chat, on your own, distract yourself…enjoy the ride…..enjoy being outside..make the run just a part of that journey, get to know your neighborhood, another one…a local trail or park…….and yes, if you have someplace where you can get away from running on concrete or asphalt and can get onto a natural surface, do that…..way more fun, and, your knees, ankles and feet will thank you….

Now, have you a goal?……..it doesn’t have to be anymore than a time goal, a distance, a race or a fun run, a run with friends, a personal bucket list thing…but pick something…that’ll give you an incentive…

Write that goal down somewhere – I use our bathroom mirror – and keep that in mind…even if it’s just to keep at it for 10 weeks…..

yep, that’s the first email to the clinic folks, and now to get ready for that first meet….

life is getting busy, and I’m feeling a bit overwelmed, I’m skipping a race tonight..I just don’t feel up to running 10K tonight at 8PM..I know the point is a run in the dark, but, I’ve an early Sunday morning run of epic proportions planned…..not sure why I registered, but whatever…….I’ll save it for later, and just be a good dad and husband……..

and I guess, plan for the week ahead…


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