A good morning run….

so, woke up this morning, after kind of a restless night, and changed the morning’s planned…

a weird type of cold?…..just a tight chest and a sore throat…..the throat I thought was because of all the forest fire smoke that still in the air, and has been playing havoc with my breathing……and well, I did a rapid test (gotta love sticking that swab up my nose, not) and I’m clean and clear….

How did I make it through almost 3 years of COVID without a sniffle, and now, sick?

It took me a while to get going….decided to just take it easy..I had to record a shoe talk for an upcoming clinic, so that was my first stop……and then, well, why not a short run..?

It was a good run…just over 6K, a pace of 6:40, so all good….it was tough going at the start (where’s all this snot come from)….and it was a bit of a new route, but I got it done…..

I’m not sure if a completely rested day would work better…I can never figure out if with a chest cold if you’re supposed to stop training, or if it’s a head cold? I just think running makes everything stronger, works those lungs and that heart, so how could it be the wrong thing to do.

The weather’s turned, a chill is in the air (which may help with those forest fires) is winter coming early?

I like the cooler weather, was happy how this almost 64 year old body felt after yesterday’s 9K run, am not sure how I feel about today’s 6K

I was planning longer, but, well, when the body says you need to improvise, you need to listen….I want to be able to run later in the week, and in just over maybe 4 weeks from now……..so let’s be careful out there.

Victoria….I’m having thoughts……not good ones. Do I want to go, half marathon?…….I do, and don’t…do I need to fly that distance…..I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, I think I’ll spend Saturday and Sunday contemplaiting……..see how the positves and the negatives work themselves out…..

Tonight’s clinic was really good……..I’m loving this stuff, 20 people all ready to learn how to run….this virtual clinic stuff is okay, I wish I could run with them all, but well, they’re everywhere from Vancouver Island to Montreal..a few close by, but tomorrow……..Run Club…

Punting this past weekend’s 10K, has me worried…have I gotten over that fear, or laziness?…..time to work on what’s inside that head..

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