Sick Tired and Sore

Day 3.

and yes, am feeling sorry for myself.

I have no idea what I have, but listening to people around me, it’s something that’s going around, respiratory thing of some sort, sore throat, a but stuffed up and a headache.

So running today…I really wanted to get out yesterday evening with my crew, they wre just going for 6K, I should be able to run 6K….got my gear on, headed to our starting point along the river, and well, not.

A beautiful day….a beautiful evening…..

I’m maybe kind of okay with not, but, I keep re-doing my schedule for the week, what’s left of it, and then re-doing it again today…and rewriting, and re-setting goals, and well, 2022 is almost done, so there’s not left to pivot to.

The headache part is kind of bothering me, I’ve never been sick with a headache before….and I don’t like being sick, I will clean out our medicine cupboard, drink everything, even gallons of coffee, and possibly run……I need to get well quick, eventhough I know this will take whatever time it takes.

And where the hell did this come from? I haven’t really been sick forever. In my past life as a rail traffic controller, it was constant, just stress and not looking after myself, but I seriously have not been ill since I retired in 2014….and not this bad ever……..

I do have a lot on my plate now, and a lot to do, and a lot not done, I let go of the Victoria Half Marathon (again, grrrr) but well, I’ll just keep training, having fun, look after my run groups and my clinics, and work…..

Hard to believe I’m already thinking about 2023…….not much of a year, some good stuff, but no marathon….but, well, there’s always next year, next week, next month……

Tomorrow’s Friday….I’ve pretty much taken the week off, day 3 without a run or a ride or a swim or strength training, frustraiting, but I guess the body says it’s something I need……

There’s a 12K off road planned for Saturday, so I guess get well and plan for that, hope for that, hope for a good positive weekend…………..and to get off this couch and back on track.

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