Do I roll the dice and take a chance?

Yes, I still feel ill…a sore throat, not quite as stuffed up as I have been…..

there’s a 12K trail run (with a river crossing) that I really want to do tomorrow……

yesterday, there was no way that was going to happen, and even now, I’m not so sure…..

but, after a 7K trail run this morning, I’m thinking, why not?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Today felt good, I didn’t set any records, or even a PB, but it felt good

It was kind of a Barkley, it’s a 2.5K loop, so I just kept re-doing the loop, forwards and backwards, with a few shortcuts…it was fine, and fun, and so more enjoyable than running on asphalt or concrete….and while I didn’t feel my best afterwards, while I was running it was okay, so can I…the water crossing has me concerned…but, I guess I can rest on Sunday……

but, well, so many know I’ve signed up for this, and are expecting me to just show up….so, well, I’ll sleep on it…the race doesn’t start until 1:30, so at least I can sleep in a bit…

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