Today the Word Was Fun & Run

as depressed as I’ve felt over the past week….today was a day that made me happy to be doing just what I’m doing…maybe what I’m supposed to be doing…

Okay, so I suck a selfies…but a good morning Sunday fun run……the normally quicker one’s in our group were a little slower this morning (they’d both run a pretty challenging half marathon Saturday…sooo) and I was able to keep up…and it was (I hope) I made things up as we went along, and I think that worked…about 9K – the speed? It seemed quicker, the Garmin said slower, but again, I forgot to press stop whe n we were done….but fun, and we had a good crew…

And I spent the afternoon selling in shoes…and had a blast, it was a good afternoon, doing what I like to do again….

A group of fun customers, they listened, they were engaged and engaging…..and sold a few shoes that never usually move, most were runners (as opposed to walkers)……and I felt fine – awesome – doing that…

Then finished off the day/evening with a little badminton with my daughter….active, and engaged…a positive spin on a week of sick and frustraition……so all good.

I’ve given up on an official Half Marathon in Victoria….so now, will just do something next month on my own…do some local events, play, have fun, train, but keeping it social, active…and enjoying myself….well, except for the selfies..

a week ago one of my bosses asked me if I was interested in changing jobs, there has been days when I’ve thought of quitting…..but, well, I love where I am. There’s a few frustraitions, I have thought about quitting at times, I miss a couple of ex employees, and I don’t see or work with a few often enough, but, ater contemplaiting things, I’m exactly where I want to be, I’m in my happy place, every day….I’m doing stuff….clinics, work, the gym… long as I’m moving I am having fun, enjoyable and positive, and I have to try to keep being more positive….I seem to be able to do that with other people, for others, but have an issue with doing that on myself……for myself, maybe it’s time for some self love…and to cut myself some slack….


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