A Fantastic Morning Spin

Yeah, I thought of a run this morning, and oh yes, I still do have to get that blood test (maybe Thursday)

but it’s such a beautiful day, and the Edmonton River Valley was calling

it was only a 30K ride on the Felt…but felt so good, and yes, I kept finding hills……which felt great, and the legs (at least at one point) felt strong……I did have to shift through all my gears to get up them, especially the final one…..but, that hurt felt so good…

But again, a really good day, and feels so good, felt so good, and it’s so warm, the tan got a little bit more sun…..

I did take it easy as well, and enjoyed the views……..I love being on the bike, it’s so easy to tour, explore different roads, routes, and trails…..

I even took a break for a hot dog and a can of something sparkly……it was relaxing, and enjoyable..

I’ll get back to running again tomorrow, the blood test (Friday?) and all, but today was a day to just feel good.

And the bike, OMG the bike, my good old Felt triathlon bike…I can’t believe it’s 12 years old, but, the Felt felt so good, light, and just kept wanting to go forward..it took on everything I threw at it, and it was almost effortless….I love my other bikes like all three of my kids, but this old faithful just feels so good…

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