I got to Run this evening again

Another good night……and loving it

I started out strong, the middle felt a little slower…and finished off not too bad

Again, another great night….warm, sunny, a little bit of forest fire smoke in the air….and nothing but fun in the trees.

Sorry no selfies tonight, they just ain’t what I do well, but yeah I was smiling…

I’ve pretty much given up on racing with what’s left this year…maybe a fun run this Sunday, but yeah, no half-marathon in Victoria…just having fun doing what I really love to do…run, bike, and swim.

There’s a lot of this week left…still haven’t got to that blood test, tomorrow I’ve got landscaping in my future…..but a run tomorrow evening, bike and swim Thursday…..Friday will probably just be strength, maybe some time on my bike……Saturday rest and recover….and then, either a long run Sunday or maybe just a 5K fun run……but a good week planned..

Have three days a week where I have to run with my Run Club groups have been genius, no matter what else I do, since March, I’ve had to run 3 times every week..different distances, different routes, but three runs are three runs…..I seem to becoming quicker, stronger….and consistent……

Everyone in my group is quicker than I am, most of the time, so just have to keep working, and keep having fun.


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