Now that was fun!

It was a busy, busy day……….

began the day shoveling 2 cubic yards of top soil around my yard…..took about 3 hours, and I thought it’d be hard, but not that hard…….wow, I worked fast, and I seem to recall the last time, it took me days to empty one bag of dirt, I guess I was motived

and then a fun run with one of my Run Clubs….again, I had to show up, and dozen others did as well, and my Asics Nimbus 24s took through just over 5K in about 33 minutes, a pace just 6:23, and at one point 5:35, I haven’t done a K in 5:35 decades ago….but I was flying…..

so far this week, biking, running, and running some more…tomorrow back on the bike…a good week, even the shoveling dirt felt good.

This is the life…

okay, so a race. 12K, on the 8th..a trail run, maybe hills, so why not…something to look forward to..and something, something… look forward to.

I will say, I feel sore, but oh so good…..

hurts so good?

Tomorrow, bring on the bike, and let’s swim…..and bring on more dirt


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