So I ran today….and showed up for a race.

Yep, I finally showed up for a race….

Only an 8K, but a lot pretty interesting climbs……lots of them… was a challenge, but am so glad I took part.

And yes those are my Saucony Peregrine 12s….my new trail shoes..

It was warm, I could have use a short sleeved shirt, but an older long sleeve was okay…and there were parts of the trails that felt really cool.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was….yes, sure it was cold waiting for the start…..but a good day, a good start for the day…

I guess the trick was waking up, and just going…part of the problem is, well, I hate driving…and Devon was about a 43K car drive…there was some construction…oddly the drive back was more annoying then the drive to the start, but, well, for some reason, driving any further than about 5K at a time bothers me……I guess I’ve got to get over that…and yes, some days, I just want to sleep in….I’m old, old people like to do that

Will see how next week goes….a 12K at Terwilliger Park, there may be a few hills…..but, well today was good, maybe it’ll inspire me?


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