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It’s my Run Club, I need to show up


And I am glad I did….

Yeah, somehow I have become the leader of the pack……3 times a week, so far…

They asked, I said sure, so yep, two evenings, one Sunday morning a week, I lead, people show up, I map out the routes, keep everyone sorted out as far as paces are concerned, so that no one is left behind and to keep all conected, and entertained…hopefully..

Yesterday was typical…..someone new to our group, some really quick people, midpackers, and me and her …. so all good…

Because I wanted to keep all close together, I improvised the planned route…picked something with a lot of twists and turns, because that’s what I do….but because of that, those in the lead had to keep turning around, occasionally stopping, because I only know the route, and well, it kept us all together for most of the run…I let the speedy group go when we were almost done, and we all finished together…a Warren 5K, which was actually just over 6K……


Tonight, another night, another group……probably a lot of the same people, but we’ll do another 5/6K…I’m still working on the route…I usually have a few choices in my head, and then decide what we do when I see who’ll be joining…’s colder, and raining, but, well, there’ll probably be lots, because no one wants to be the one that doesn’t show…

A busy weekend coming, but well…tomorrow will be an early long run and a swim for me….may rest Friday a bit because I’ve a 12K trail run on Saturday, another run Sunday….and well, then it’s time for a dinner…with the parents, cause, a Canadian Thanksgiving……..

Life is busy, not sure if this is what I planned when I retired wow, 8 years ago, but, well…this I love to do, and life right now rocks….there are some low points, points where I’m just not sure…..where doubts creep in…but for the most part….come on get happy..


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