Way Out of my Comfort Zone, fast fun

Wow, two pretty fast runs, back to back….maybe speed training …..I feel it this morning, and I was still way behind the group I started out with, but that forced me to pick it up, and, well, a 6:16 per K was awesome..I needed that

It was an interesting run altogether, but perfect…I was wearing almost everything Brooks….I should start taking selfies….but my Brooks Glycerin 20s, my Garmon 945 (the best watch I’ve ever worn…it does everything I need it to do….except maybe run for me?)…..a Brooks jacket, even but Stance socks…okay, and an older Jasper Canadian Rockies Half Marathon race shirt….

The weather is changing, it was a bit cooler, which in some ways is great…(it was about +8C) but the constant challenge at this time year is figuring out just what to wear….yes, dress for 10 degrees warmer than it is…but, well, I’m older, so cold does feel colder….

I was fine, I managed without gloves and a toque, but it’s almost at that time, and I think in the weeks to come, headlamps!

This is going to be a busy with lots to do weekend, with an X-Trail Series 12K trail race on Saturday…hopefully I blew off my race phobia with Sunday’s 5 Peaks trail race.…it’s a 9AM start, it’s a fairly easy 31K drive, so I can sleep in a bit…..and yeah, last week was awesome, so no real reason not to show up…

I’m still working around being old…I know, like today…I need my rest and I just can’t/shouldn’t run every day…..

So another great evening, today is all about chill…….tomorrow, the weather’s supposed to be awesome so will do something outside….bike and swim maybe, or run and swim, and then get a blood test???

I’ve something else to look forward to…..next week, I get to introduce a bunch of other’s to one of my Run Clubs…The SVAC Run Club…should be fun..and hey, apparently I’m a fit pro, who knew?

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