A Run, A Sore Throat, can the Blue Jays hold on

yeah so I am on the edge of my seat,,,,..and the game is tied, yikes

Wasn’t feeling my best today when I woke up, and put off a race this morning, a trail race because of that, just a sore throat, a little stuffed up, but I’m always a little stuffed up – allergies mostly – so decided to sleep in, do some work around the house, getting ready for fall and winter..and then why not a short run…down hill

and then back up the hill home

Not a bad pace both down and up hill…but didn’t make me feel any better…..neither does this tie…….don’t fielders know how to call it?

Am starting to think I’ve been over doing it, and am adding even more onto my life……this Learn to Run virtual clinic, three Run Club Runs a week, working at our store a few times every week, and next Saturday, I add a half marathon virtual clinic to my life……it’s not like I’m not equipped for all, but a lot of work, organizing, lots of emails as well as those weekly Zoom meet ups, figuring out the routes for the Run Club Runs…..I now have trouble figuring out how to do my own training….the Run Clubs make sure I run at least 3 days a week, but getting that one long run, or that hill training in has become an issue….

The run was good…….I had options, but a route I know well….at a time of day I don’t normally run…and I don’t run Saturdays a lot for some reason….some times I’m a dad, sometimes there’s just life…

Not a lot of people out on the trails which I thought was odd…..but down hill to my RRoom, and back up hill home…..a nice loop…..the goal tomorrow is a new and fun 10K before work, but I guess, let’s see how this sore throat behaves…


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