A Hard Day but selling shoes helped.

Yeah, not COVID, but still definitely ill…….a sore throat that Captain Morgan couldn’t help…..

The weird thing about being sick, you keep thinking you’re feeling better, but you know you’re not.

You keep thinking, maybe tomorrow I’ll run, but you know you shouldn’t, you know you’d tell anyone else to take it easy, get better and then run…but hell you need to get at least 5K in…..

It was a quiet day at the store, not a lot buying shoes on Canadian Thanksgiving Day…but the few that did visit, people that actually wanted real running shoes…so all good….sold a few pairs of On Cloud Go’s, a few Brook’s Ghosts……and that was good.

I still feel like crap, I’m reading everything I can about running and sore throats, and looking for one that says to….yes, stupid I know…so, am loading up on every cold and sore medicine I can get over the counter, and hope something works along with a good nights sleep….

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