Just Another Night and we Ran

Yeah, I’m still ill, but I’ve gotta run….I don’t think it’s anything serious now, and I cannot sit inside anymore, or ever..

Just another easy 5K, with a good group, some really quick, and 3 of us following up the rear….it’s a group, my group, my responsibility….so all good….we even took a spin through a grave yard….I mean, with Halloween around the corner, why not?

Another evening with a pretty good pace…..and yeah, a nice hill in the mix, yet again…

I’m not sure if attempting to train through this, age+illness, not sure….some days it feels like alergies, others, like death warmed over..but I feel okay when I’m moving, sleeping last night was a challenge, but at least I slept…….

And another group, another run, another good week…it seems it’s usually the same group of people with the occasional new runner, and some that return every so often, but a good group, and as long as all know that we have different paces, different pace groups, this is good….what a run club should be….

the week is full……Saturday a virtual half marathon clinic begins, Sunday a long run with my SVAC crew……and lots of stuff in-between..


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