how to run?

It’s that time again…an new half marathon clinic begins tomorrow morning, and it looks like-so far- I’ve 20 people about to takeon their very first half marathon…….and that question will come up.

No doubt, if you’re planning on running a half marathon in 18 weeks, you should have a good handle on how to do that right? But, I won’t be surprised to hear that question.

It’s interesting, or odd? But it makes me think of different ways to address that question, it’s sometimes seems just to flipment to just say, well, you’ve run all your life right? We’ve all run as kids, playing sports, or just when we were in a hurry?……One foot in front of the other.

It’s like that question, how do I breathe when I run? You’ve been doing that all your life right? Trying address a large group of runners and aim them at their goals is a challenge, but I like that, it makes me think, and look again at my own training. How deep into the process do I need to look? Is it more than just running?

Nutrition, strength training, pacing, rest and recovery, is there an over emphasis on all of that?

Something that has struck me latey is the cost of running?

Shoes are hitting an average of $200, clothing and apparel is not cheap…and then everything you’re supposed to have; the right nutrition and hydration, accessories, socks….running used to be an inexpensive sport or activity, not any more. Sure you don’t a $10,000 bike like a triathlete, but on top of all that, so many feel the need of a personal coach… run?

And races and events. I don’t mind events that have a donation element to them, but a couple marathons a year, travelling to a race on top of that is pretty expensive. Over $800 to take part in an Ironman Triathlon, but even a local race can climb into the hundreds of dollars, is this becoming a rich persons endeavor?

Someone once asked me, why would you pay, spend money just to run? And I think a lot about that. When I’m at work at our store, the usual question is asking a customer if they’re training for something in particular? And more and more ofte the answer I get is, that they just like to run, and have to intention of taking part in a race…..I’m starting to lean that way……I do like traveling to events, but, do I need to?

So yeah, another clinic begins, and just as I want to get those partcipants running on that right foot, doing that, I get to look at myself and see what I do, and why?


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