My Rant: when did running become so expensive?

How on earth did we go from being enamored with the barefoot running Tarahumara Indians to spending $300 on carbone fibre shoes?

Most of you know where I work, and yes footwear has become expensive, apparel has become expense, and the amount of stuff we seem to now need to run has become, ridiculous.

How did we go from where all you needed was a pair of shoes and shorts, and you could run a marathon?

It seems yesterday everyone was talking about Caballo Blanco, Abebe Bikila, and now dropping $200 on a pair of shoes, spending hundreds to enter any race seems almost manditory?

$300 for that right hydration pack? Whatever happened to just needing an $8 belt with a pocket to hold a water bottle?

I know, it’s big business. I’ve spent the last few days going through a ton of our magazines; Runners World, Canadian Running, Impact, Canadian Triathlete and a few others, and flashy, and everything they inform us on is for the rich and wealthy. Is it me or is that unreal?

The really sad thing is that those that work in stores that sell this stuff usually make not much more than minimum wage…..they sell things they couldn’t possibly afford……how is that right? Yes staff receive staff pricing and discounts, but that goes only so far……working for four hours for a wage that may pay for four gels and then telling customers about that product’s benefits……

Yes, everything is increasing in price, yes there are a ton of reasons, but seriously, are only those that can afford a $10,000 triathlon bike, a $300 pair of shoes, and can afford tor a huge amount for a personal coach now able to take part in a sport that used to be affordable?

I know, I over think this stuff, and m budget isn’t all that limited, but I’m thinking ahead and towards 2023….races, do I have to travel to race?……There are so many races and runs near to home; every distance up to ultras, every triathlon distance except for an Ironman, so why not stay close to home, and same $$$…..and as for equipment? I sell this stuff, and yes I do need new shoes every 4 to 5 months, but I know how to get deals, and do I really need to own 6 pairs of shoes…you can only wear one at a time right?… maybe 2023, the affordable runner..looking for deals and sales, saving $$$….and share that….I don’t know if I can go minimal, but why not try?……seriously how many tights does one person need?

Is it possible to be a minimalist and be a runner still? Or are those Tarahumara’s now running in carbon fibre Hokas?….I’m going to try.

One thought on “My Rant: when did running become so expensive?

  1. This morning I was just talking to a friend about how expensive running is! I just had to buy new trail and road shoes – $140 a pair. I bought a new running vest – $165. I bought new layers for my upcoming ultra – almost $300. Now I’m broke! But I guess at least I can run comfortably? Even my new socks were expensive!

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