An awful morning, that may have improved and there was a run too

Yeah, I had a pretty down morning, I woke up in a mood….I was ready to give up everything, I do that.

I just always feel a little down, or a lot down, and then I just feel like giving up….

who knows, maybe I over think things, but I always think, maybe it’s time to just step back…

Then, well, I went for a run……even though I still had a bit of a headache after (is that the concussion still talking to me?) and my nose is still causing me issues…allergies? But I felt okay…it was only a 7K the pace was okay, but I have to say just getting outside was amazing……and helped so much

I made up my route as I went along…..a route I knew that involved some climbing, some off road….and a good path

Love running in the fall, the colours always make the run feel better…

and then this evening, another clinic, another zoom call…and a fantastic guest speaker talking all about nutrition and hydration…it was perfect, it’s amazing how an up positive moment like that, well an hour long moment, can make just everything feel right, and like I’ve done something right……and made the day feel okay….

I have no idea what the rest of the week is going to be like, maybe more of the same, but it’s gonna be busy……busy is good, and hopefully I’ll feel healthier at some point……I guess just have to keep active and keep moving

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