somedays it’s just a reason to run

I had half an hour… why not run?

A whole half hour, why not boogie for an interesting and entertaining 5K

it’s a route I know well, the shoes felt well, the Brooks Glycerine 20s…….and the morning was cool and crisp…..

It’s hard to believe, but the year’s almost done, I’m starting to plan out 2023 already, and am roughly 70 days from enetering my 64th year (another age group is still a ways away) but I’m thinking 2023 will be the year to return to full marathons…will this old body let me?

To start I need to build my distances, 10Ks are not good enough, 20/21K would be better, have that base to build on throughout the year…, this weekend, I’ve been hovering around 10K every weekend, time to boost that, and to build up the weekley milage

I also know I have to watch myself…rest, recovery…….eat…and cross train…keep building the endurance, biking and swiming as well as running…this winter will also be cross country skiing will be a part of that…and my help. I guess the blood test (and other tests) that I’ve been putting off for a month better get done, build the health too…..and yeah, enter that gym on a more regular basis

and I teach this stuff…right?…..train like I’m training….3 runs, 3 swims, 3 rides at least every week…strength 2 or 3 days a week…..flexibility and strength, every week….eat healthy, and SLEEP!

26 miles/42 kilometers……….that’s the goal; Vancouver in the spring, Edmonton in August, maybe a half marathon in February….a leg of Sinister 7 in July…..and whatever else I can get to…maybe I can make my 64th year my best year ever…I’ve had some amazing years, have done some amazing things, let’s go back jack do them again, and beyond


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