Having the time of my life!

Seriously, despite all the whining I do, 2022 has been pretty amazing……

What a fantastic day………with 70 days left in the year, with a few hiccups, it’s been an amazing year.

A fantastic day, an amazing morning run; only 10K, but we were moving pretty quick and steady, a great pace.

We had a bit of a detour, but I hope it did some good……

At the start of our run on Wednesday, a lady asked for our help. A missing rescue dog named Moose.

Didn’t cross paths with Moose on Wednesday, but at the start of our run today, we spotted him! Running on a path next to the sidewalk we were on….we tried to attrack the terrified puppy, but could not catch him. I made a phone call to the owner, and hopefully she was able to track Moose down. A scared dog that has reasons to fear us, he was rescued from a puppy mill where he was severly mistreated……….hope we did some good.

Then we carried on…..the pace was great, I picked a route that involved a few hills, the scenery was great, and a cool, brisk morning….winter’s coming, but this morning the weather was perfect, and I got to run with 4 other pretty strong runners…all stronger than me, and quicker…so either they slowed down enough so I could keep up, or, well, I kept up.

Was it the shoes?

My first ever almost succesful selfie?

we’re all smiling so it must have been a good morning…

yep, the ASICS Nimbus’ were amazing as usual, but, time to retire them…I think they’re almost at 500km….

wore a Brooks jacket I think I won years ago…like the fit, a great windbreak, my Jill Boychuk Earth Groove tights, an old Brooks long sleeve, a 5 Peaks hat and a pair of gloves I was given after a triathlon all those years ago……

Think the temp when we began was about -1C, just over 0 when we finished……….

There’s no snow, but soon…….but again, an okay think…I like the weather…

I’m realizing that what I do takes a lot of my time, and a lot of effort…but all has added up to where I am now……3 runs a day, a ton of clinics taught, sold a lot of footwear…….every day pretty much…some days it does become a bit much, but, well, that all has gotten me to, today……it all gets me to where I am what I am.

So yeah, I’ve had lots of great times, great years, but this is one up there in the top ten.

The trick will be to carry it forward to 2023….


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