Another good night run in da dark

A pretty great evening 7K after a pretty great day.

Life around the world is pretty awful, the economy is a disaster…’s going to take a little while longer t get out of debt…..but hey, I can always run

The diet today wasn’t really great…some leftover stirfry chicken about 3 hours before the not sure why the average pace looked so slow, but an average of 6:33 was okay…

The runs are getting easier…..tonight seemed effortless…..and a good group of 6

I was hoping they’d buy a few shoes……

The route was good, I kind of made it up as we went along, but a good night, and hey winter’s coming.

Tonight I was almost all Brooks…..tights, socks, top, jacket……of course my ASICS Nimbus…..they rocked again tonight, but, time to get a new pair, I know I’m living on borrowed times in these….

I’m contemplaining what to use for winter gear this year, it looks like next week it may begin….so today was about getting the winter gear put together to get ready, and yep those Saucony Peregrine Ice, the YakTrax……and yes jacket and clothes…..bring it on, I have a half and a full marathon to train for…

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