Way Too Many Lists. But a Good Run

May I should have eaten before this morning’s run….but I did Run Happy…….another, yet another 6K, but it felt good…a little sore to begin, but finished fine…..

I have to admit I was a little stiff and sore this morning…..my third run this week, my fourth since Sunday, and I was a little sore after Friday’s strength day…….but once I began, burnt off some of that lactic acid….and yes, a beautiful morning to get outside….

a little change up this morning….swapped out my go to ASICS Nimbus 24s, for my HOKA ARAHI 6s….

I’ve had the ARAHIs for a while actually…I had the ARAHI 5s and loved them, have to admit the first few runs on the 6s, not so much…..not what changed, but actually loved them this morning….there’s a few difference between what until now has been my go-to; for one the drop is a bit different …the Nimbus is 10mm, the ARAHI 5mm, and the cushioning is different, which I found weird at the start of the run….I think it was the drop, I felt flat footed, or was striking the ground a little harder than usual…..but after about 1K, I didn’t really notice anything…my pace was still good, 6:29, felt effortless….I threw in a short hill, the route was a variation of a favorite

Maybe it was the On tights….love them, they have such a sweet compression to them, and more around the knees…and super tight which I love, I cannot wear loose fitting baggy anything…yeah I know, I know my 64 year old butt doesn’t really need to be shown off anytime or anywhere, but it’s me….the socks we’re shorties from HOKA (a good match?) jack, yep, Brooks...I like that it has a chest zippered pocket….think underneath was an old Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon Vancouver.…..felt good….

My third run this week….I’m at 18K so far for the week…..I’m planning something tomorrow, and something much longer Sunday…so it’ll be a good week.

I make lists, way too many lists…….I make lists in the evening, I re-edit them in the morning, I add way more than I could possibly, get frustraited, and then do nothing….I’ve gotta quit doing that …..either stop making to-do lists altogether, or make them minimal…..just important things, and realize what I don’t do for instance on a Thursday, I can always do on Friday….or maybe not at all, if I didn’t do something, and didn’t die…..was it something needed to be done at all?

So tomorrow?…….maybe strength, a run..then an afternoon at my Running Room store selling shoes…..Saturday, that much needed rest and recovery day……gotta do those, relax, nutrition, and get stronger and ready to go for Sunday….

The goal?….I was hoping for something close to 40K this week, but am expecting 30/35 so not so bad….to get there I’ll have to increase my everyday distances….it’ll happen…I’ll make a list..

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