A Fun and Improvisable Sunday….

So started out with a good quick group, and well, I thought I was ahead of them, and I was then, well I turned left when they turned right….we all ended up doing about the same distance…me, just over 17K….so I got a workout in..I started with the group, and finished with them..or maybe they finished a little quicker than me…I felt like Gary Robinson finishing the Barkley 1 second too slow…without the right amount of pages……but a good morning, another long morning that I needed….

Right from the start, even though my pace kept me up with the crew, but I knew pretty quickly that I was a little out of my league…so I stepped back, ran my pace, when they stopped for a pee break, I kept going thinking they’d all catch up with me….well I crossed a bridge, so did they, I turned left – I thought that was the route – they turned right…oops….I got the workout done, and a lot of single track..and pretty much all off road

A run with a crew would have been great…but on my own on these trails was perfect….

I was wearing my Brooks Glycerin 24s, which have a nice tread, was perfect for all the off road…a such a gorgeous morning…

Lots of leaves, colours, and possibly the last sort of warm morning I think we’re going to see for a while….and had fun…

yeah, that’s where we usually run, at the top of the hill…..I just stayed down below, because, way more fun along the river

I’m not sure what this is…but furniture along the route is always cool to see…..

Yeah, a good morning, a good end to a week, last week I think I just made it to 30K, this week 35 for the week…

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