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62 days to 64 and I am so sore!!!!!!


Yep… 62 days, this turns 64!…

How does that happen? 1959 seems like it was yesterday…..


So what do I do for 62 days……winter’s apparently going to arrive this week…I guess I’ll run in it….

I’m still sore from yesterday…that unplanned 17K was a nice surprise, but a sore knee that’s been bugging me for a while has flaired up…and hitting the weights this morning didn’t help…

I tried a few leg presses and leg curls, calve raises, and then just upper body…loved that, and felt okay, but yeah, I’m limping for some reason…

I have to saying this training for nothing is working out well……that means for today, I’m sore, tired, I did strength training, ate well today, sort of…..and well, blogging.

Yes, oh yes, a trip to Vancouver in May, the usual…I do want to do one more full marathon…..but, a lot of miles to add…

I’ve been thinking about a lot about yesterday’s run…..

Even though I ended up on my own, it was good, and felt good….really not a lot of it was on concrete or asphalt, most off road, a lot of it looked like this

I took a random off road bit of single track, a random set of stairs….lots of short climbs, and hey 17K…..I would like to make this distance, or maybe at least a 21K every Sunday…..I’ll have to map that route out…..and do it every Sunday until it’s time to start aiming at 42K……..

Tomorrow it’ll be a day of selling shoes, an evening of running – maybe in the snow – but that’s’s the time for handing out candy, watching NFL football and drinking or at least hydration..

and yep, the countdown continues…

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