60 days to 64…a wonderful run in the dark

A good night…the day was a day of shoveling snow – finally, cross training – and then I got to run

That was so good…not very far, a little icy in places, but finally the snow and cold has arrived.

it’s so fine for this to finally arrive……slippery driving conditions, cold, snow, ice, a cold wind….and the best time of the year to run!

You just have to dress for it….

Traction on the shoes…tonight it was my Saucony Peregrine Ice+……my handy dandy New Balance Jacket, the Brooks tights, Stace socks, an old race shirt..all good….an old touque, maybe even a little over dressed, but the trick is you start with more, and narrow things down as the season goes on….heck, I didn’t even have to use my headlamp tonight….

I know, we know it’s going to get colder, but, we also know, as we go, we get warm, the trick is to remember the perception is always worse than the reality………as we say in Alberta, ‘it’s not that bad.’


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