58 to 64. I have a headache….so?

I feel okay, but yeah, woke up tired, and am taking a rest day.

It’s been a good week, active, and yeah, the schedule calls for a rest day, so you take a rest day and watch TV, plan the weekend, and the week ahead…it looks like I have almost 2 weeks off (not sure why? we’re not over staffed, but our store hours have been cut so…I guess the old guy is the odd man out.)

I’m going to make use of the time off….a physio appointment is booked for Monday, I need to get my blood work done, I want to get new snow tires for the Nissan, I don’t want icy streets to keep me from getting to my runs, and xc ski days this winter, time for an oil change…and well, I’ll have 14 days to train, and well, not get paid…..but, oh well, time to make the best use of my time.

Yesterday was good…a good morning pumping iron at my gym……I love that place and having the time to spend….I have a few core things I always do….squats, benches, rows, some leg curls…but when I have the time, I just wonder around and do everything..a run after would have been good,but, well…I needed coffee, had some house work to do (painting the interior, one wall at a time….) and dinner was my job so, all good.

Looking towards 2023…and well, I want sign up for everything, and also realizing I can’t, so will try and pick and sign up carefully…..I’m starting to also realize that I’m 64 in 58 days, I’m old…..I feel it…

I’m kind of getting fat, so will spend some of this winter working on that diet as well.

And yes, will look at life as it goes on from here…….and working more on this blog, what do I want it to be? What do I want to be?

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