57 days to 64…..a good 6K

I look shocked that it’s winter…..but really, it isn’t. The snow and ice is just beginning….there’s only 4 or 5 months of this to go.

Today’s run wasn’t really planned or set in stone, but it just felt the right thing to do…….to begin this, get used to driving and running in this winter wonderland…..and as usual, the reality is not as bad as the perception…..yes, there was a bit of wind and some snow drofting, but it’s a light snow….and the paved trails were a little icy in places but my Saucony Peregrine Ice + felt secure….I’m already thinking about getting my YakTrax onto my shoes just in case we have another winter of more ice, freezing rain and slippery conditions…but for now, we’re fine.

I’m not a huge fan of the cold, but being dressed for it is all it takes…today was just my handy Brooks tights, an older Saucony race shirt, the New Balance Jacket, which actually seems to be workig out fine, it’s comfortable and keeps me just as warm as I ever need to be….old older toque I received at a race years ago, and a pair of Brooks mitts….love mitts more than gloves, it’s just amazing how long it took for me to understand the differences, and why they work……

Even though I don’t look happy, I’m happy inside……well, at least the BUFF around my neck was keeping me happy and warm inside.

I’m looking forward to the rest of winter……that goal of the Vancouver Full Marathon is still on my mind…can I do a 32K training run in March or April on my own?…….baby steps, I still have a long long way to go…….it’ll be my first full marathon since 2017…..I don’t have a time goal, and seriously, the goal is just steady runs throughout the winter…

I’m digging into how some of the elites train, and I’m reading about 100 mile weeks…that’s won’t be me….I’d like to build to longer distances, make my Sundays 21K my normal….that’ll take a while, but that’s the goal, not tomorrow, but hopefully in the new year…for now, I want to make a run for 10K normal…..about 4K more than I normally do now, hopefully that’ll be doable for a runner that’s 64…right

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