55 days to 64……and way too much snow

well yeah……I was a lot lighter at one point, but even then not too fast….the goal was midnight!

I’m reworking my training plan a bit…I have a a plan figured, and with my three Run Groups with their Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday runs it’s hard to change anything, but my aging body is demanding more or at least taking rest and recovery days……so from now on, Fridays will be a complete rest and laundry day……Mondays will be cross training day..maybe spin, maybe cross country skiing…swimming, whatever, but Mondays will be all about staying away from pounding the ground/high impact stuff….Sundays will still be long days…I’m still thinking whether I want hills and/or speed on Wednesdays or Thursdays….it ma become dependant on what my Run Clubs are up to….Wednesdays are traditional, but I like the recovery between long run Sundays and hills and speed with Thursdays….

Today’s plan is a spin class in about an hour…maybe some strength work after, maybe…..then it looks like there’ll be a lot of shoveling snow…..

and yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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