53 days to 64

No pictures today, but this evening was amazing….actually perfect….

I love running this time of year, and a run like tonight may be the reason why I love running…

I still remember my first night run from the Callingwood Running Room……

for the most part it was a trail run with a group of others, some I knew, some I didn’t…..

at one point we stopped on the trail at a bottom of a hill, and found out it was a special run, someone’s birthday….we stopped at chatted for a while, then back to the starting point, the store, where someone had a birthday cake waiting…with money in it, how random is that?

It’s just a different feel…tonight under a full moon, a bit of a chill…..snow on the ground, on the sidewalks and roads….

we only covered about 6K, and the two I was running with were quicker then me, but they slowed down a bit so I could keep up….and it felt greast….I wish I could bottle up that feeling at the end of a run and share it…..the cold was gone, and everything just felt right!

I only needed a 4K tempo run tonight, 6K felt alright…and tomorrow evening, we just do it all again…..it’ll be fun

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