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A trip down memory lane, Vancouver Half in 2000…


I have absolutleny no memory of this race………I don’t even recognize those shoes…I’m thinking New Balance something, love those shorts, and I know that’s an all cotton t-shirt, because in 2000 there wasn’t a lot of technical stuff out there…

I remember the training leading up to it, and the why…..thinking I may remember where I stayed (the Vancouver YWCA on Beatty Street across from BC Place Stadium, that finish line was on the other side of the stadium….this was the older Vancouver route, start and finish were at the same place, I seem to remember that you didn’t get your finishers t-shirt until you finished..and you had to line up for that….which I kind of think was good…I hate getting a finishers t-shirt in before you even do the race…….

I guess I’m digging into this because of the finish time…I have no idea how I was that, well, for me quick…a 1:51 half marathon right now would be a dream……..I know I just did short walks at the aid stations…..because at that time we were told we needed to hydrate a lot… I know different…..I know the route involved crossing the Burrard Bridge a couple of times, at least I think it did?…but am I thinking of the BMO Vancouver Full in 2004?…….I’ve run in Vancouver so often (I love the place!)…every race seems to merge into one……if my finances work out, I may make many trips this year … travelling is no longer cheep, and Air B&Bs have gotten expensive…but, well, it’s still Vancouver..

Yeah, 4 years later, the same shorts….same shoes???…and OMG those socks?….will talk about this race in the days was special…..was I old enough to shave?

Anyway…yep, it’s time to look ahead to 2023….after a seriously busy day that didn’t involve any edurance training, unless indoor painting, and cleaning up a storage room (I did have to move a huge freezer, and scrub the floor) is considered training….

I’ve got to add some more strength training to my daily routine…my knee problems are apparently due to a weak core, so some body weight repetitions, I’m going to start making love to my foam roller, will attempt body weight squats, will add some leg curls, leg extentions..and lots of planks to my routine….balance, strength….and first goal of 2023, the BMO Vancouver Full Marathon in May…….so have to work on everything…

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