49 Days to 64. I want to coach. I want to get better

I want to focus……an odd time to think of this at almost being 64…..yes focus, but on what?

Or do I just keep doing what I’m doing?

If for no other reason, but I have the experience…….I’ve done a lot of stuff, learned a lot of stuff just by doing….

I keep learning and relearning……now I want to be certified, not sure why, but I want that….how, how long would that take, can I and should I?

I keep looking at where I’ve been, what I’ve done…where do I want to go, and can I?

My mind is flying off in so many different directions….do I want to run marathons, half marathons? Is 2023 a return to triathlons….do I focus on what?……do I just run, aim on that goal race…..

Tomorrow’s Monday……I have a knee issue to work on….I can still run, I want to swim, bike, work on my strength training…but I always seem to want to focis, tomorrow?


Make the focus the run….I can do that….and I do that, while still biking, swimming and cross country skiing. Strength training too.

I’m really going to have to work on scheduling, a training plan, my training plan….but also, my Run Clubs, my Run Club training runs, my virtual clinics…..reading, listening, learning on top of all of that…..spare time?

My focus, right now, the BMO Marathon on May 7th

The scary thing is, while I’m tying this, it’s like my head is multi tasking…..trying to figure out how to do this all tomorrow…

Yes, I want to run 10K…my schedule says to make up for not doing anything today, tomorrow will be my long slow/effortless run…but I also need to do strength training, or do I leave that for Tuesday?…….tomorrow would work though….I’ve got a spin planned for Tuesday as well as a run…..but when will I swim?

MONDAY NOV 14THRun 10K LDSStrength
TUESDAY NOV 15THRun 3K Tempo + SwimSpin and strength 1 hour
WEDNESDAY NOV 16THRun 4k TempoStrength
THURSDAY NOV 17THRun 3K Steady + SwimSpin 45 minutes
SUNDAY NOV 20THRun 10K LDSStrength

This is what I’ve got for this coming week so far…..there’s a lot to work on, to figure out…I think next Sunday I’ll look back and see what works and what doesn’t……I have to add flexibility, and do I cut out some of the runs….if I hadn’t skipped the run/today’s run, tomorrow/Monday would have just been a strength day…..I’m sure if or when swims will happen..it seems a lot of pools are closed or are really really busy, or far away….and well, family, work, I need to take a blood test, that may be Friday….I’ve got to fit life, and I’m going to go back to the studying and reading and getting certified…..so a full life for the forseeable future…

The marathon is the goal, the midpoint may be a Half Marathon in February…..but yep, time to become, well, me, and more focus.

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