44 days to 64..how many hours are there in a week?

How tough can it be to split up 3 runs, 3 swims, 3 spins, 3 strength training sessions and stretching?

Even though I’m retired, have a lot of free time to myself, every week I spend so much time trying to figure out how to fit anything in.

Also being a dad, a husband, an employee (yeah, not really retired) and for some reason always busy.

Sundays are my day….take out the pen and paper, figure out what goes where….and plan week by week.

And, I like to sleep….

And now Christmas?

And even though, semi-retired, it seems like I’m always working at something…..

Simple tasks too….like getting a blood test (I keep putting that off)…and my flu and COVID shots….where and when…..

And why did I decide to start paiting the interior of the house…wall by wall!?

Today was a busy waste at the store, selling shoes……

After, didn’t have the energy to go for that run…..but, well, there’s always tomorrow.

Tonight, tired, I know there’s a busy day ahead, a busy weekend, and will I train….got to, hope to, need to


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