42 to 64

A good day…a pretty sweet morning.

A Sunday run is always great..up early, a quick glass of something, get a group together, and go for a run…

Not far, an easy 7K, with a pretty substatual hill half way through……and we began with a group of 10!

A perfect run club run, I think some are getting it; we all start and finish at the same place, but some go quicker, some slower……some longer, we went shorter…..a real Run Club.

and it was warm…..I guess that’s why those Brooks tights are showing a little skin……I as usual was the slow poke in the crew, the other two stronger and quicker……I maybe should have gone a bit further, but I didn’t have the speed, and I had other plans.

Strength train after on a Sunday morning felt right, and good…

I’ve always wanted to add this, just a few exercises, maybe 30 minutes, but I was always worried that the gym would be too busy.

Not this morning…..the gym was almost empty…..so leg press, a bench on the smith machine, leg curls, leg extensions, lat pulldowns, seated rows, and a few arm curls and done…..south have done a few lunges and maybe deadlifts, but what I got done was good….

My knees are still and issue…..I’m hoping the week of core and leg work, and another visit to the physio on Friday will help with that….

Otherwise, fitness wise I feel okay….mental things, a few life issues are worrying me…the future, family things, aging parents, handicapped adult kids, and living on a fixed pension/income….what will that mean going further.

I do want to find a way to make more $$$$…..working at the store is fine, but my availability is not always that great, and well, our hours have just been cut….maybe I’ll take up delivering newspapers or something….but yeah, life is okay, comfortable, what’s the future hold?

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