45 minutes on a spin bike

Yesterday…..a lunch time spin

I’m still getting my head around spin bikes and spin classes…..I’m more used to my days with the Edmonton Triathlon Club, where’d we all meet at 8:30 Saturday mornings, usually a community hall in West Edmonton…bring in our own bikes, our bike trainer and a coach lead us, throughout a winter with the aim of being ready for triathlon season.

yep that’s me having a drink…….

so used to being on my bike, and triathlon training….so a lot different then the world of spin classes.

The biggest difference, I’m not on my own bike. Spin bikes are a different animal (no brakes?) and have a real different feel (no aerobars)

Yesterday morning think is my maybe 10th or 11th time, and I’m learning to like the process, or am getting more used to it.

Fitting the bike is different……everything is adjustable, but not like my Felt or Triathlon specific bike….I’m still figuring out how to get the seat, handle bars, and the peddles set just right…I’m not really used to that part, I like my clipless shoes and peddles, these are more what we used to call rat traps….I find them uncomfortable and tight?

Adjusting the resistance is different as well……I’m still working that out…..which is important, because the class is based on that..after a warmup we do what’s called an FTP session – which is almost like a time trial, which I guess sets the gearing and the resistance once the spin begins….

I like that it’s hard, it’s short but a little intense which is great for a 45 minute session…fast quick and hard….and I feel a little spent…

Yesterday’s class had me spinning pretty quick, with good reistance, with breaks with less…and I spent a fair amount of time standing on those peddles, making it harder….

It’s a small group…..but fun which is great too….

I’m pretty self consious, very, but felt comfortable…….I try to match other’s spin/rpms….and the efforts, and it’s interesting to see the heart rates after all is said and done…..not as intense as I see when I run, which is always natural….and it’s interesting to see the watts, the averages of speed and rpms…….and benefit?…Sure there is, is like speed training…it all adds up


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