39 to 64. another pretty good day…another good run

Busy making every day count.

This evening, a great group run, my Running Room Run Club…we had 10 folks out, and a wide variety of abilities and experience. Love that!

Started out at a local coffee shop/strip mall…..the Good Earth Coffee Shop….they let us stay warm inside while we waiting for the crew to show up…and we ended up with 4 new to our group runners….some quick, a few this is all new and one a return….loved that….

What a fantasi group….I had one route planned – we were going to do hill repeats – but with so many new bodies, I called an audible and made up an easy to follow route, so everyone coud go their own pace, I could run back and fourth between the groups, I got to run a variety of paces while doing that….and, fun!…The only reason I do this, it’s gotta be fun….

I’ve got to say I’ve never felt better…always busy with something……but, having fun, energized….and so positive…..what an amazing group….the goal is to kee building and if everyone that’s run with us so far keeps coming back, if I can get them all to return, these group will be huge!…..Almost a success…..or at least this is it…..it feels so good.

I had planned a blood test tomorrow, I need to get that done…but maybe, Friday….I need to run tomorrow, maybe a spin class too


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