38 to 64. Make every day count

it was hill repeat day.

Not my favorite day…..I’m not a huge fan. I don’t mind hills, but running up and down the same hill is about as exciting as watching paint dry……or running speed repeats…..I just like running. But, I guess you need to train, right?

I picked a hill that we don’t traditionally use here in the great white north, but has always intrigued me. It turns out to be about 600 meters, the grade in perfect, and away from traffic.

I only ran about 30 minutes of hill repeats (I don’t like counting time..just the hill, then down the hill, then up again, over and over again….

I look happy don’t I?

The whether here is super strange, I actually would like it a bit colder….I was dressed pretty minimal today….a light Brooks jacket over a Saucony top I’d usually use in fall or spring, my Earth Groove tights which are a little heavier than I needed, but I love the compression they have, and hey, they look cool……I just assume I have a cute 64 year old butt……a tuque from a 5 Peaks Race, and my Saucony Peregrine Ice+, because even though there was a lot of bare pavement, there was also some ice….

I loved the trail, and will make a return visit….and yeah, I improvised a bit on the run downhill…lots of choices, lots of roads, so I got a bit of distance as well…

Honestly it did feel good, and I feel good now, hours later….

I even had time to record a short vid for my Learn to Run Clinic….I kind of look gross, but hopefully I got my points acrosshttps://studio.youtube.com/video/AeTPjc_Otvw/edit

After a fun evening run, this was a bonus……..I/ we usually do hill repeats on Wednesdays….but, I like Thursdays. That gives me plenty of time after the long run Sunday to recover, and lots of time to recover for the next long run Sunday….and with my Wednesday evening group Thursdays give me a bit of freedom and a chance to improvise…

I’ve still not decided whether I’m aiming for a half or a 10K run for the upcoming Hypothermic half marathon in February…I’m going to train like I’m aiming at the half, and will get to those 21K runs soon enough……but, well, will see closer to the date…

My main goal for 2023, early 2023 will be the BMO Vancouver Full Marathon on May 7th….the Hypo training will get me on my way, and you sets me up perfectly for the longer runs through February, March and April….so, a goal……..a firm goal.

I know I’d planned the same goal for this year, but, maybe 26.2 as a 64 year old sounds better?……who knows…what’s the weather going to look like, what’s the training…life…I’ve had a few life events in the past few weeks that may mean I have to be paitent and just let life happen…….and be prepared, but yeah, 23 weeks and 3 days away……the countdown begins.

So my apparel for the day

Jacket, socks by Brooks, shoes by Saucony, Gloves New Balance, tights Earth Groove…..

Tomorrow..a visit to the Physio to figure out what’s happening with my 64 year old knees…left seems to feel play, the right is arguing with me a bit, and then possible strength and a run…..somethings short and easy just because, I need some junk miles, that I don’t consider junk miles….they’re just runs that i LIke to do…just to run…mental health runs?

yep, less than 40 days now, until 64. I don’t know why that’s bothering me so much now…up until now, getting older was no big deal, it is what it is, but now…….I hate getting old. I wanna me 18 again……..


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